An Easy Match

A few days ago, I mentioned that what got me started on this blog was a search for felt for Christmas gifts. The owl ornament I made for each of my co-workers was one of those gifts. The other gift was for my three year-old goddaughter.


For a couple of years, I’d planned on making her a matching game when she got old enough to be able to play one. Simple shapes from bright colored felt. All hand sewn. This was the year to get it done since she is now a smart little girl who notices differences and similarities in things.

The backs are all starched felt which I bought in 8″ x 10″ sheets. Can’t recall the price, but they are easy to find at four for a dollar. I cut all of those sheets into quarters.

046 047

I free-handed the shapes with my scissors, so they have a bit of a rough, child-like look to them. Then, I sewed each shape onto a contrasting piece of starched felt with a simple straight stitch.

After that, I covered each piece of starched felt with a piece of regular felt, using the same color for all of the cards. I sewed these on using four different colors of thread, and using four different stitches–a unique stitch for each color.

064 061  060057

And voila, 24 cards, with 4 suits of 6 cards each, and 12 sets of pairs.


Ready for Old Maid, Go Fish, easy rummy or gin?

She was excited about them, and called me with the sweetest thank you ever. And, that was the best gift of all!

All photos and content © 2013, Craftinlightenment.


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