The Perfect Purse


For years, I have sought the perfect purse. One that will hold everything that I want to have with me. Not only the mundane things like my wallet, make-up, checkbook, and cell phone. But, also a bag that will hold markers, sketchbook, journal, camera, sewing notions, coupons and business cards.

A lot of purses are functional. But, most of them are a black hole where everything gets lost. I want a purse that holds everything in its place in an easily accessible way. It needs to be equally comfortable and appropriate for casual and business attire.

Having traveled a bit, I’ve gotten fairly particular about the size and shape of this bag that will hold everything perfectly. It also has to be easy to clean, lightweight, and fairly attractive.


The fairly attractive part is provided by this shower curtain that I bought last year. It was never used as a shower curtain. I liked the design and fabric, and thought it would be a great cover for a new futon. My son, however, told me that it “was not for him.” So, it only spent a few days as a futon cover.

I couldn’t waste it and throw it away. So, it went to the crafty-area, the work space of dreams. There it has sat for almost a year. Today, it began new life as the perfect purse. It will enter eternity if it can also provide enough material for a new and functional carry-on suitcase.

This project will take a couple of weeks, because I am going to make a full suite of wallets and clutches for this purse and suitcase.

But, here is installment one: a lined checkbook clutch.

Tomorrow I will share the detailed instructions for how I put everything together. You’ll soon learn I do most work freehand, so my only my pattern was my checkbook register.

036 037 038 039 040

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