Macroed Marvy Markers

In 2004, I got into rubber stamping. Just on a whim, I walked into Rubber Stamp Fantasy, a store on the square in Marietta, Ga., that was nothing but stamps and stamp supplies.

Now, I’ve loved paper since I was in the womb, practically. So, stamping was right up my alley. Within a couple of weeks I invested a hundred dollars or so in stamps, papers, and right near a gallon of Marvy Markers.


Rubber stamps are neat, of course, but you might guess they are a little too formal for my liking. The stamp is always the same picture or scene, so I felt a bit limited by their possibilities. As I love repetition, I wanted something I could collage into a bazillion different possibilities.


You can probably already tell that my style is more free flowing and spontaneous, too. And, I can be a cheap-skate when it comes to materials. I like to maximize my buying potential, which is how I ended up with all this crafty stuff in boxes.

So, it wasn’t long before I found myself at the Hobby Lobby buying scores of foam stamps and $2.99 ink pads.


My cards evolved from elaborate pastoral scenes to fun, colorful designs. As my cards evolved into my true style, the Marvy Markers got placed in a box. No need for the extra details of coloring when you’re working with foam stamps. Just stamp, cut, paste–and voila–fun greeting for family and friends.


Tonight, after a 14 hour day at work, and not enough time to really create anything major, I thought I’d pull out that gallon of markers for the first time in almost 9  years, and just veg a bit on something light.


As Valentine’s Day is coming up next month, hearts were on my mind. Here are a few doodles with the Marvy Markers, up close in macro view. Nothing special. Just a way to unwind.


Some days just showing up is the challenge.

All photos and content © 2013, Craftinlightenment.

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