Pin-Up of a Leftover


Today’s a double post because I missed you yesterday. Another long day at work, returning home to household chores prevented me from having the time to post. Not my preference. I’d’ve rather been here sharing some of my crafts than working through the silly details of my real job.

Tonight, I start with a pin-up. Of a quilt, that is. This quilt top was first pieced back in 2002. A loooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg time ago. Children born that year are already in middle school!

It was buried in my boxes of stuff, unfinished. Tonight I trimmed it, pieced the back, pinned it up, and began hand sewing the back to the top.



It will be a first for me, because I am actually going to truly hand quilt it rather than make it a tie-quilt. I haven’t ever hand quilted anything on my own.

As a girl, I helped both of my grandmothers quilt tons of quilts. I remember hot summer afternoons crawling under the quilt frame at my mom’s mom’s house, pulling the needle and thread up from the bottom so she could finish it at the top. She’d push the next stitch through, I’d catch it, and we’d spend an afternoon tacking a quilt up.

At my dad’s mom’s house (the grandma whose Christmas traditions I shared a few days ago), I’d sit at her feet on a yellow footstool as she handed me cut appliques to pin up. Once everything was pinned, we’d place an embroidery hoop over a quilt block, and she’d direct my small hands as I embroidered the appliques onto the quilts.

Thankfully, many of these quilts are still being used today. They are a living embodiment of the love my grandmothers shared with me.

My mom’s mom was pretty poor, so all of her quilts were scrap quilts. This quilt is in honor of her. I’ll keep you posted as it moves along.

All photos and content copyright 2013, craftinlightenment.


3 thoughts on “Pin-Up of a Leftover

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