A Little Bag for Little Hands


Years ago, my husband and I renovated our dream home, a little bitty farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in northeast Georgia. When we did, we did virtually all of the trade work ourselves, except for painting, HVAC, and drywall.

I mean virtually everything…more than once we found ourselves up close and personal with a rattlesnake underneath the house as we crawled under it to do the plumbing work. But, at least now I know how to sweat pipe like a professional!

When the painters came in, they laid drop cloth in our living room. That was pretty funny, because the floor was painted a dark brown, but was completely scuffed and destroyed from all of the other work we had done. And, we knew we were going to sand it into the beautiful pine finish it has now. But, it was nice they were so careful. They were not so careful with the drop cloth.

When they left, they left the drop cloth. It was pretty awesome. It has now been used for many other projects. (After being washed, of course!) And, there is still a ton of it.

Today, along with the plaid flannel you will see being used over and over again–that plaid is left over from quilts I made for my huge wedding party–the drop cloth became a little bag for my son to carry toys in. A little bag for his little hands.

I made this using the same basic principles I used for my perfect purse last week. Just eliminate the flap–no need to trifold. Then, I just made handles by trifolding the material and sewing it together on the machine.


Next, I plan on cutting a few felt shapes out to cover the areas at the handles where I overstitched. Thinking trains, planes, and automobiles, but haven’t gotten the final inspiration. It’ll come soon enough.

My husband mentioned to me that achieving my goal of using up all the material in my crafty area may be kind of lofty. So, I started three more of these little bags. Maybe I will need an etsy site?

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2 thoughts on “A Little Bag for Little Hands

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