Hunny Bunny Cop Out

Tonight’s work has been more edge stitching on the quilt I told you about a few days ago in Pin-up of a Leftover. So, no significantly new work product to show you, except this plain jane book (or iPad) cover…

024 026

Definitely needs dressing up. Maybe some beads or embroidery.

Otherwise, it’s been ideas. I’m thinking on making another backpack like the one I made for my son earlier this year.

Meet Herbert Menninger:


You know, the bunny in Curious George.

My son drew the pattern for the face, and I built the bag using my perfect purse template. I’m thinking about making a dog bag, but I haven’t quite got the dog face design right in my mind yet.

Telling you about something I already did feels like a cop-out. Nothing really new to share, just a bunch of thoughts trying to brew up into something real. Only, until I get the idea right, it just stews. Everything else slows down into the focus on that idea.  Over the years, I’ve learned to go with it, and let the mind wander in the idea.

So, I stewed on it tonight as I worked a little more on my quilt. Not much actual production, but lots of working going on up there.

Do any of y’all out there have a favorite type of dog you’d like to see in kid-size backpack form? My favorites are Catahoulas.

Once I get the dog design right, I’ll build the new bag and show you how I did it. I think you’ll be surprised when you see how easy it is, and what’s hiding in there to make it sturdy and semi-waterproof!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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