Go Fish


Last year, my son really got into fishing for the first time. It started in the summer when our friends’ 4 sons took him fishing at the creek on their land. Their youngest showed my son all of his tackle, and helped him reel in a small fish. From there, he was hooked.

Later in the summer, the same friends took my son out for a few hours on a lake when we visited them in northeast Georgia. And, then it began to cool off.

Now, it never really gets too cold in Georgia. Even our coldest winters are mild in comparison to virtually everywhere else. But, it does get to where the fish aren’t as interested in biting.

And so, this fishing game.


All of the fish and the hooks are freehanded. I had planned on sewing fins, eyes, and other embellishments, but my son would have none of it. He wanted to decorate the fish himself. (Check out his freehand designs with fabric markers!)

Then, I sewed up a small blanket of sorts–a small pond to fish from.

When I sewed up the fish, I put magnets in them so that they could actually be caught using the hooks, which also have magnets in them.

We ended up with 1 pond, 2 hooks, 15 special little fish, and many hours of fun. All that is left to do is to turn the pond into a fold-up bag with handles so that the fun can be carried anywhere we go.

I also plan on making another set with embellishments. Keep checking out my blog to see the progress.

Caution, of course, if you make anything with magnets in it for children. Young children, toddlers, and infants should not be allowed to play with magnets without adult supervision. Young children, toddlers, and infants should never be left unsupervised with magnets, nor should they be unsupervised when playing with the toys that have magnets in them. Magnets can easily be swallowed and can pose significant damage to the body if swallowed.

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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