Space, the Final Accessory

Y’all know my son and I are pretty spacey. Big fans of robots, spaceships, planets, moons, stars, all things space. In honor of his love of space, Santa Claus–yep, the big man himself–brought my son a set of space sheets.

The sheets came in a bag.


As you can imagine, it was hard to throw it away. It already had a velcro closure, and it was already a bag.

But, it needed something to make it real.

Y’all know I’m trying to use up all that old fabric in my crafty area. So, I went to an old favorite: the fabric I used to make the quilts for my wedding party almost 11 years ago.

Using the perfect purse template–see why I like that little envelope of fabric so much–I created a lining.


Then, whipstitched it together.

I added a second pocket in a different color fabric, and closed up the bag.


Finally, I created a simple handle, sewed it on, and there you have it: Space, the Final Accessory!


All photos and content, © 2013, craftinlightenment.

5 thoughts on “Space, the Final Accessory

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