Movin’ Right Along

The Muppets were a huge favorite of mine when I was a kid. I saw The Muppet Movie not once, but twice, at the movie theater. That was a lot back in those days because people didn’t live in the world of repeats that we live in now. (This was before BETA and VHS even.)

Knowing that I loved the Muppets so much, my dad got me The Muppet Movie soundtrack album for my birthday when I turned 7. I played it millions of times on my record player.

One of the hit songs from The Muppet Movie was “Movin’ Right Along,” which ran through my mind this weekend. It reminded me that you might like to know what’s been going on with some of projects I started.

First, I have gotten the top of the pin-up quilt entirely sewed to the backing. Next, I will begin the actual quilting process.

Second, I got all of the fish initially sewn together. Next, I will stuff them and begin embellishing them.


I am continuing to work on my perfect purse and suitcase.

Finally, my macropixia blog is up and running.

New ideas, of course, run through my mind each day. I’ll share those with you this week.

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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