Pretty Darn Quick

Until now, this blog has always been about new crafting projects. Today, though, some fixes had to be done pretty darn quick.

Kids attach themselves to some amazing things. A couple of years ago, my son became inseparable from a pink eyeglass cleaner. He calls it his pink blanky. A strange attachment, of course, but I have to admit, it is super soft, and very compact, so it can go virtually anywhere and everywhere.

In the ensuing years, as pink blanky has gone missing, we’ve desperately sought other pink blankies to take his place. Turns out that when he is missing he is just on hiatus, and he always returns safe and sound. For that reason, today we have no less than 6 pink blankies that grace our lives. As each new one is added, he becomes part of the family. Now we have to have all 6 blankies to remain right with the world.

These pink blankies are special because they all have tickly edges, which my son holds up to his nose to get a little tickle.

They also have their own unique smell that only a small boy can love. Aren’t you glad you don’t have smell-o-vision? Trust me, you are.

Last night, while working on his own crafty project–a house for all of these pink blankies to live in–there was a pink blanky incident. Trying to cut some paperboard, this poor pink blanky got a few knicks.


So, the first order of business this morning was patching him. He is now extra special because he has extra tickly edges.


The second order of business was fixing this sleeping bag that I made my son last fall. Yep, handmade. He picked the fabrics, and I quilted it together.


It only has a half-zipper, though. So, the bottom is sewn together. Little did I know when I put this design together that he would put two-thirds of his weight in it and try to carry it around the house with just one hand.

Naturally, I had no idea a sleeping bag needed to be rated to carry a 25 pound load. So, it split.


After some quick rips with a seam ripper and a few new stitches, it is like brand new.


Now, if we can just get some nice weather pretty darn quick so that we can take the bag and the blankies camping!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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