There are some things you just can’t throw away. Right now, for instance, I have an old coffee tin full of corks, plastic bread bag tags, milk jug lids, and those crazy Greek-keyed shaped things that hold Play-doh toys to the box so they don’t fall out before you get them home.

I am also hording a bazillion empty toilet paper rolls. (More about those later!)

I know these things will all be useful someday. There is a craft project waiting to be had inside all of these things. So, I keep them. Just like I kept these sheet bags for two years.


We moved a couple of years ago, and bought new sheets. They came with these bags, just like the bag that came with my son’s space sheets. I had forgotten all about them. When I started working on the bag described in Space, the Final Accessory, a post from earlier this week, I remembered these old bags.

I had exactly three of them. So, this is a threepeat. Using the same principles I used with the spacey bag, I am putting together three new bags. Here they are in process. Simple and fun.


One of them is already reserved for plum and fig picking this spring and summer. It has two large pockets, one simple handle. No flap or closure because it is more useful open.

The other is for a photographer-writer friend. I am making extra pockets for pens, pencils, and other items. All lined, hence the double right-side and double wrong-side pockets. One will fit inside the other as a lining.


Both of those pockets will naturally attach to the pre-made flaps already on the bags, and can be carried either inside or outside the bag.

The final is my own camera and pen bag. It will easily carry a small journal, some crayons, and my little digital camera, or any one of my lomos if I decide to go old school.


Can’t wait to finish these up!

All photos and content, © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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