Some Hearty Cards


Well, I’m back to Valentine’s Day again. Began working on some more cards tonight. These are more traditional. No more Nightmares Before Valentine’s Day. Just the simple sweet heart.

But the thing is, some of these designs work, and some don’t.

As you know, my style is all freehand. I don’t always envision an idea from the beginning. A lot of times, I just start working and let the work guide my creativity.

That means that sometimes I hit on all fours, and sometimes I don’t hit at all.


When I’m hitting on all fours, everything in my mind feels completely free and unencumbered. Ideas flow, things move. Thoughts become a finished work that I’m proud to call mine.

When I’m struggling, I feel worried, almost. It’s strange, but I can feel things just aren’t gelling into a real piece that will look right. The end will be something that I will feel sad that I don’t love it more.

A long time ago, when I felt everything disintegrate into no good idea, I gave up for days, weeks, months. But, a few years ago, I learned to just keep on. Work a little more on even the mediocre idea. The reason?

You learn from trying. Even the middling will teach you something.


These are studies in colors and patterns. Can you guess which ones I’m proud of and which ones middled their way into tonight’s blog?

Oh, and by the way, I’m still trying to learn how to use the light effects on my new camera…It can be hard to take pictures in this house at night. The lighting is pretty tough. I’ll figure it out soon enough!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

6 thoughts on “Some Hearty Cards

  1. I agree completely – the middling does teach you something. I also agree that when things are falling into place and working as you want, it is like flying. I am realising more and more that I need to use my ‘middling’ experiences as lessons, and then let them go. I continue to enjoy your perspective!

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