A Quilt for the New Baby

across the street. Our neighbors were blessed with a brand new baby boy a couple of weeks ago.

Already a family of two boys who are good friends with my son, this third boy will be the closest chance my son gets to have a smaller brother. For that reason, he wanted to make the new baby a blanket.


It’s a texture and color blanket, like one I made for my son when he was much smaller. Lay baby down, and he has all kinds of things to look at and feel.

The design is my son’s. He picked all the fabrics from one of my scrap boxes. Some were “so soft.” Some were “pretty.” Some were “just good.”

We laid it out and tacked it together this afternoon. Later this week, we will fill in the batting, tack the top to a bottom fabric, and quilt it.

We are also planning on a pillow for the little fellow, something he can lean on when he gets to that head-lifting age.

This being with a baby again is going to be fun!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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