Almost Seven Years in the Making

My husband is a huge estate sale-goer. For years, he spent Friday afternoons criss-crossing Atlanta for the best estate sales.

He never had anything specific in mind, just an interest in seeing everyone’s stuff. At these sales, he’d always pick up a small little thing that was just incredible.

One year, he got me this set of craft books from the 1970s. One of those books, a Better Homes and Gardens book called Leisure Crafts, proved to be a treasure trove of crafting ideas. All in the 1970s style that I have always loved–probably because I was born into it.

One of the bazaar ideas in the book (remember church bazaars?) was a picnic placemat set. I began the set back in 2006 by sewing strips of fabric together left over from the quilt top I displayed in the leftover piece a couple of weeks ago.


My Catahoula Queen, Lily, points out the strips we sewed together when she was yet a pup.


To stick with the 70s theme, I pulled out two favorite disco colors from my mom’s old sewing box.

One for the top stitch, one for the bottom.



Of course, that back fabric was a 70s holdover found on a trip to Renninger’s Flea Market in Kutztown, Pa. It’s been collecting dust in my crafty area for about 5 years.

I serged on the strip that holds the utensils with a fire stitch, which ended up looking pretty awesome with the two threads. (No hand sewing here. As I said, I’m no Luddite!)


A tie was also fire stitched to the back, so that each placemat can be rolled up and easily carried in a backpack.


Seven years in the making, and this set is finally done! We’ll be carrying these along with our sleeping bags on our next camping trip. Can’t wait!


All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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