Rocket Wallet

After I finished the space bag, I thought it might be nice to make some accompanying pieces for it. All in space theme, of course.

My first thought was a wallet. So, I started cutting fabric into a rocket shape. And, that’s as far as I got. It’s not even pieced together yet, because something about it is just not right. I can’t seem to envision how it will go together, or if it will work as a wallet. So, I need your help.

Does this rocket shape look right?

If so, what embellishments do you think will make it work as a rocket?

If it’s not right, any thoughts about how to get there?

Thanks for your help!


All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Wallet

  1. I think that the outline of the pieces is almost there, but the piece that is sitting over the flames and appears to be the base of the rocket goes too high up the body of the rocket. If you make that a bit shorter so that the longer body piece has more showing, or bring the longer piece up so that it is a lot higher than the shorter piece, then I think your shape will work well. If you wanted to embellish I would go with stylized windows – perhaps in a darker blue – circles in a row from top to bottom could look great! I have no idea about making it into a wallet at this point – but perhaps appliquing all of this rockety loveliness onto something that then makes a wallet? (Hmmmm….. will keep pondering that one!)

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