The Slow Coach

All my life I have been the person at the back of the line. Please don’t think I’m beating up on myself. I’m not. I just have always taken things a lot slower than everyone else.

At dinner, I am ever the last person to finish the meal. This is partly because I talk a lot, and partly because I eat a lot. I am always the slowest walker, mainly because I am taking time to look a little closer.

For all of these reasons, my son calls me the slow coach. You know, like in Thomas the Train?

And, inevitably, while I look forward to holidays, I am always 2 weeks late getting things out to friends and family.

Thank God there are 12 days of Christmas, and one 7 day Holy Week before Easter, and Thankgiving with its Day After.

But, alas, after Valentine’s Day, it’s, well, February 15. And, here I am 3 days later sharing my Valentine’s with you. Here were the final versions, shared with my co-workers, whom I told you about a couple of months ago.

No Nightmares Before Valentine’s Day.


No holiday mix-ups.


But, rather, heartfelt heart cards.


Each one different.


Each one special for each special co-worker.

A hearty Valentine’s Day, indeed! Hope yours was just as happy and hearty!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

4 thoughts on “The Slow Coach

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