Ooh, Baby!

Surely I am not the only person on earth who remembers the OMC song with the hook, “Ooh, Baby/ Ooh, Baby/ It’s makin’ me crazy/ Everytime I look around (look around)…”

It was a song with a great hook, a fun beat, and good singing. Surprisingly–at least in the U.S.–it never got enough radio play. Amazing, actually, to think that such a good song was not played over and over again until you just couldn’t listen to it ever again, a la the late, great Whitney Houston’s version of Ms. Parton’s I’ll Always Love You.

How bizarre that it came to mind as I worked on this pattern–yes, pattern–project of a series of bibs.


Maybe it’s because patterns make me crazy.

When I work with them, everything always starts out great. I can cut out the pattern perfectly. Don’t have any problems cutting the fabric.

But, then I have to actually follow the building instructions. I have never been good at this. Can’t figure out why. Something happens as I work with the pattern.

Maybe I mess up something about the build. Maybe I sew a right side to a wrong side. Maybe I patch pieces together that don’t belong together. Maybe I picked up the wrong notion and am too lazy to go back to the craft store.

(I know, you must be thinking, “HUH?” Isn’t this the lady who has so much stuff in her crafty area she decided to spend a year blogging about all of the ways she decided to get rid of it? How could she ever be too lazy to go to the craft store? Isn’t that what got her to the blogosphere in the first place?)

Or, as often happens, I think of another way to do the build, and end up way far afield. That’s what happened here. The pattern was set up to be sewn right sides together, then flip and edgestitch. But, I decided I wanted these bibs to be extra thick, so I made them three-layered.

Now, how to trim?

I thought about bias tape, but it will have to be extra wide to be easy to work with. Seam edge and hem edge won’t work because they’ll bunch. So, I decided to rely on my old friend the whipstitch.

This would have been a lot easier if I’d just followed the pattern…Kudos to all of you who do. Every time I look around and see your work, I am always amazed. But, at least these bibs with their three-layers will be super absorbent!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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