This is a test.

This is only a test. If this were a real, completed iPod case, you would see it holding my iPod right now. As it is only a test, do not be alarmed. The design will be worked on more thoroughly and a new case will issue that will hold my iPod.

I love my iPod  just as much as anyone out there. So much so that I seem to constantly be wearing out iPod cases. Give it a few months, and the edge trim frays, or the fold disintegrates. A few days ago, a little bird made me inspired me to make a new case before the one I have now becomes unuseable.

As you know, I have what I like to call the perfect purse template, so I thought I’d start with it.

Cut to the size of the iPod, with enough edge to protect it, I sewed right sides together, then flipped them out to create a simple sleeve.


Next, I took left over pantyhose paperboard and folded it over–it is exactly the same size as the base of my iPod.


Wrapped it with a scrap fleece fabric for insulation–(working hard to get all of this old fabric out of my crafty area!).


To keep the paperboard from sliding around, I sewed up the edges around it with a simple straight stitch.


Now that it was a tight piece, I slid it all the way to the bottom of the sleeve.


Once it was at the bottom of the sleeve, I stitched a few lines to create a break in the sleeve, enclosing the piece into one section of the sleeve. This will serve as the cover to protect the iPod’s screen when I am carrying the iPod around.


After I created, insulated, edged, and placed another piece of paperboard into the next section of the sleeve, I sewed two more lines at the top of the paperboard to create a second section. This will serve as the back of the case, and will be where the iPod rests when it is in the case.


After that, I folded the nappy edge of the sleeve inward, and sewed it up with another straight stitch.

Next, I needed to figure out a way for the iPod to stay in the case. First, I tried the idea of straps that would be sewn on to create corners, but I felt that would require too much technical perfection to work properly. (Remember, this is all done freehand!)


So, then, inspired by photo corners, I thought corners sewn to the edge might work. But, I couldn’t get either corner I tried to lie the way I wanted them too, and figured trimming them to look neat would be too time consuming and difficult.

015 016 017 018

Finally, I remembered a design from Kiehl’s…yep, Kiehl’s. They have a beautiful gift box with a ribbon that just wraps around two edges.

In homage to Kiehl’s, who has shared the Ultimate Hand Salve with the world, I whipstitched the longest strap to the middle of the inside of the case. Then, I folded the extra length of the strap to each side of the front of the case, and tacked it on with a silly amount of string.

Since this is only a test, I didn’t bother to make this tack look pretty, but in the final version, I will embroider daisies over these straps to make them look nice.

019 023 024

While I like the idea, my original strap was not long enough to be able to lie on the front of the case as tightly as necessary to hold the iPod so that it won’t slip out. But, this test creates a workable design that can easily be replicated.

Now, of course, I could have gotten a pattern and not worked through these crazy ideas. But, I’m in no rush, and I prefer DIY–mainly because I am a terrible pattern follower. The discovery of how things are made is so fun!

Plus, I’m beginning to wonder just how many things can be made with this perfect purse template.

Thanks, little bird, for the inspiration!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

2 thoughts on “This is a test.

  1. Awed that I was inspiring, and impressed with your ingenuity. My case was much more basic – and has been abandoned by the eldest girl as it doesn’t accomodate her earphones… I need to go back to the drawing board – and let you know of that issue too!

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