Time: A Sneaky Little Snake

Two weeks without a post…hope you did not think I dropped off the face of the planet. In digital time, a millenial disappearance. In real time, a half-a-minute.

But, that’s time for you. The flexibility of time amazes me; makes me think it’s a sneaky little snake. One minute there, ever present, slow as molasses in winter. The next minute gone, leaving you unsure you ever saw it, yet certain nevertheless of its brief fingerprint on you.

My disappearance over the past two weeks was due to work. That darned work. Seems like it always interferes with real life. But, alas, it is a must.

And, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy it, too. But, even for its brilliant moments, it is necessarily more laden with duty and responsibility in so many ways that the work of crafting is not.

While gone, I have worked on many ideas, begun prep for a number of projects, and created invitations to my 40th birthday party, which is coming soon.

Time again, sneaking about. In honor of the sneaky snake that time is, I borrowed an item from Estzer’s to do list, and made a felt snake for my son.


He is strips of different colored felt sewn together. Embroidered eyes, whipstitched mouth and forked tongue. Stuffed with scraps. Took about one-and-a-half hours. I’ll share the full build in a few days.


Glad to be back!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

3 thoughts on “Time: A Sneaky Little Snake

  1. Love your snake, especially his long tongue! The only thing I can remember sewing as a child was a snake draft excluder. He was called Archimedes. Yes, I was a weird child lol

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