What a Difference a Line Makes

Building a card is always a fun experience. Sometimes I have an idea in mind, and know how the card will look even before I start.

But, more often than not, I just have neat papers that I want to use somehow. Pick the cool paper, something to go with it, then another match. Cut, arrange, glue.

If it looks good, I make at least 4 more. If it looks a dud, I stop. Try again.

Usually, the cards are for holidays, but my neighbors have come to know me as the Invitation Lady. My family celebrates lots of events and special occasions, and we always send a special invitation.

As you know, my 40th is just around the corner. I love getting older, so it’s not the depressing event that it can be for most. So, a celebration is in order. Here are the invites.


As I made them, I realized what a difference a line makes. Thick, thin. Contrasting, complementing. Left, right. Up, down. Woven above, below. Loud, subdued. Obvious, subtle.

I played with them til they were the right amount of techno and tupperware.


Definitely Gen X.

Now, I’m going to get started on origami daisies, a la The Partridge Family, so everyone will have a fun souvenir of the day!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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