I Just Dale Chihuly-ed This One

My son has been interested in things that fly for a long time. You’ll recall his (and my) fascination with space…He’s also been into airplanes, birds, balloons, spaceships, and anything else that gets up in the air.

Lately, with some history and science lessons on Old Ben Franklin and his lightening-struck kite, he’s looked toward the heavens with a kite in mind.

My husband checked out a kite book from the library, and I began working on the kite. At some point, my husband took over, and I sat back and supervised.

You could say I Dale Chihuly-ed this one. Dale, the mind behind some beautiful blown glass, has the idea, and either he or someone else actually makes it real.

My son drew the design all by himself.

Turned out pretty beautiful, if you ask me.


All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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