Oh, That Sneaky Snake!

Last week, my son and I went to his best friend’s birthday party. Picking out a gift for this birthday was very important to my son, who wanted to get just the right thing for his best bud.

My son decided we should give the birthday boy something homemade and something bought. The something bought was something lots of little boys like: monster trucks with collapsible cars–my son picked each one out himself.

The something homemade was this little fellow:


He is the smaller twin to the sneaky snake I made for my son a few weeks ago. The birthday boy loved it! He took it to show and tell, sleeps with it every night, and carries it around with him everywhere he goes.

Here’s how I made him in less than an hour…so you can make your own to take to show and tell!

First, cut strips of felt or any other fabric to the same length (this one was made of 6″ strips), but varying widths.


Sew the strips together on the long side. Sew with the wrong sides facing out, then press each additional strip out as you add each new piece of fabric.


Keep sewing these strips together until you get to the length you want your snake to be. My son’s is over 3 feet long, while the birthday boy’s measured in at 2 feet.

Once you have the length you want, fold the strips over on the horizontal with the right sides together, and wrong sides facing out. Sew a seam down the length of the strips.


Turn the piece inside out, ending with a tube. This will be the snake’s body.


Then, cut a slit on each side of one end of the tube, creating a mouth. Open the end flaps out.


Cut a piece of pink, red, or pale fabric for the mouth in an oval shape. Also, cut the end of the tube that will be the mouth into the same oval shape. Place the mouth piece over the end of the tube, and whipstitch them together.


After whipstitching these pieces together, stuff the body of the snake well.

Then, cut two pieces of fabric into a half-oval shape, sew them together with wrong sides out. Once they are sewn together, invert them so that the right side is out. Stuff that piece, and then sew it to the body of the snake.


Embellish however you like. I just embroidered eyes on this little guy, and then cut a forked tongue out of two pieces of felt, which I sewed into the mouth.

And, there you have it, a new snake friend!


All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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