Java Jacket Wallet

Not too long ago, Carol Heppner, the Queen of Creativity, made a neat cup sleeve book. When I saw it on Twitter, it got me thinking…what about a wallet?

This weekend, I finally got to working on the idea. And, here is what I ended up with: the Java Jacket Wallet.


Here is what it looks like inside:


Here is how I made it…

1. Cover two java jackets with fabric. The fabric should be cut in the shape of the java jacket, and should be sewn three sides around, but not on the smallest side, like so:


2. Turn the fabric so the right side is out, and slip the java jacket inside it.


3. Fold in and sew up the open end, so the java jacket is fully enclosed inside the fabric.


4. Next, fold the sewn end in through the middle of the java jacket to create a pocket.


The pocket will now look like this from the side:


5. Make another java jacket pocket just like the first one, and whipstitch them together on the bottom edges.

6. Make a square big enough to hold both java jacket pockets when it is folded in half. Sew the right sides together, stitching on three edges.

Then, turn the fabric so that the right sides are facing out, and stitch up the final edge. Trim with a nice seam around the square.


7. Fold the square in half, and sew both of the short edges together to create a bill fold.


8. Whipstitch the fold of the billfold to the two whipstitched java jacket pockets.


When you are done whipstitching, the wallet should look like this from the side:


And, like this from the top:


9. Fold the billfold over the two pockets.


10. To create the fastener, sew a rectangle exactly 1/2 the size of the square you made to create the billfold. Make it the same way you made the billfold square.

11. Tri-fold a strip of fabric that is no more than 1-1/2 inches wide when folded over, and satin stitch both edges. Sew this onto the rectangle about 1/3 of the way down the fabric using fire stitches on both edges, and two fire stitches in the middle. This will be used to hold lipsticks or other small items in the finished wallet.


11. Unfold the billfold. Center the rectangle with the strip at the bottom of the wallet and whipstitch it to the java jackets and the bottom of the billfold:

093 (whoo, check out all those other crafty projects in process back there!)

12. Fold the billfold back over the java jacket pockets, and trim the flap with a button for a decoration over a velcro or other preferred closure.


And that, my friends, is the Java Jacket Wallet!

I should add, too, that craftinlightenment is now on Vine! So, you can see a Vine video of this wallet if you head over to our Vine site (craftinlightenment, of course!)

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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