The Whole Package

For months, flowers have been on my mind.

Right before Christmas, a good friend moved away after receiving an AMAZING job in L.A. Since she’s the type of person who has everything, I wasn’t sure what to give her as a going away present. So, I looked up origami flowers on YouTube, and made her a bouquet of paper flowers. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of them! I know–sorry!)

Then, a friend gave me one of those beautiful yarn wreaths with the felt flowers for Christmas. Which gave me an idea for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day…

A corsage. Yes, a simple corsage so that everyone who saw her would know she was the special mom of the day.

Here it is wrapped up in a reused strawberry container, dressed in a regifted bow:


Made her feel like a young prom date to see this package, she said.

Inside, her rose corsage:


My son helped pin this on his Granny with a real corsage pin, and she beamed from ear to ear. Happy Mother’s Day, Granny!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

2 thoughts on “The Whole Package

  1. That’s lovely! I’d love to make something like this but I’m pretty bad at making anything to do with flowers D:

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