Weathering the Storms

Well, you may recall back in April that I started work on some skis for my son.

He’d been scooting around on those foam thingys that come with the foam play mats like they were skis, and I thought maybe they’d better serve humanity as skis. Otherwise, they’d just be driving me crazy, popping up all over the house where I least expect them.


A few weeks ago, the finished product finally emerged, with ski poles, even. (My son picked the fabric for those, too. They don’t match at all, but whose worried about matching when you’re having fun?)

These emerged from my crafty space none too soon. We’ve had some serious storms here, and days of pelting rain, as you can see at macropixia.

With these, we weathered some very stir crazy rainy days here.

As this is being posted, we are mindful of the families in Oklahoma who have lost so much to some terrible storms. We hold them in our thoughts and prayers.

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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