a monster of a vacation

A monster of a vacation after a monster couple of weeks at work. Yep, that’s were I’ve been the last few weeks. Lost in work. Then, thankfully, lost on vacation.

Although I wasn’t blogging during this time, I was definitely crafting.Yet, except for a few little projects, all my “crafting” during the last few weeks of blog quiet was prep work.

Reminded me of my days as a Subway Sandwich Artist, where I spent way more hours chopping lettuce, baking bread, and slicing tomatoes than I ever did actually creating sandwiches.

While on vacation, though, I had the chance to make some silly monster puppets for my son. I’d created the bodies a couple of years ago–one of those ideas lying dormant in that infinite crafty space I’ve been telling you about all year. While on a 14 hour car ride to our vacation destination, I embroidered them with my son’s supervision.

How many eyes? “FIVE!” he cried. What color mouth? “PINK!” he sang. Does he need a nose? “Not with all those eyes!” he smiled.

And, so, Monster Puppet 1 was born.


While my son napped, I created Monster Puppet 2 without his supervision. A rather dangerous proposition, since the idea was to create “super crazy, scary monsters.”

Monster Puppet 2 is a rather normal sort. Neither crazy nor scary. Indeed, you might want to bring him home to dinner to meet the parents.

He is normal, I suppose, because he suffers from an ill Picasso pointed out is inherent on some level in all adult art. Picasso, who said that he wished he could draw like a child, knew that a child’s design is unfettered by standard, institutionalized concepts of how things should actually look.


Thankfully, my son could only see the fun in Monster Puppet 2 because he is a brother to Monster Puppet 1. Seems like they need more friends, and maybe some good names. Any thoughts?

BTW, these little guys are so cheap and easy to make! All you need is one piece of felt or other solid fabric (preferably something pretty sturdy). Cut two of the same shapes from the fabric. Sew the shapes together, leaving an opening for a hand. Flip the seam in, and embroider your design.
All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment. 

2 thoughts on “a monster of a vacation

  1. Ah, it’s fun having kids help with projects that are for them (although sometimes the help creates more clean-up for mom…) !

    Thanks for the post. Just the other day my son was asking for a pair of “bear gloves”, Gloves! and you guess how hot it is in TX now… I think Bear Puppets will do. ^^

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