Mid-Year Resolutions

As many of you have probably figured out, I disappeared from the blogosphere for a while. In fact, throughout the year, the times that I’ve been active on my blog have been punctuated–sadly–by periods of great inactivity.

The goal of my blog, however, was to blog daily. So, what happened?

Life, I think, is the only answer.

I love crafting, and I love blogging, but there is a lot to get done inbetween. Work. Kid. Dog. Husband. (Poor thing, he gets lost between the kid and the dog!) Family. Church. Meetings. Obligations, obligations, obligations. And, some time to rest, too. Mix them up in any combination…they can steal away your time!

Add to the normal things a broken water heater, two cars needing major repairs, vacation, annual conferences, and a father-in-law who has been diagnosed with a terminal motor skills disease, and the blog gets lost.

But, real life is not the only issue. At times, I realize the thing holding me back from blogging everyday is that I start projects that are too big to finish in one day. When they’re not finished, it seems like there is nothing to blog about.

As I’ve blogged, I’ve made friends, and when I can’t blog, I read their content, and end up spending more time surfing than I would have if I’d just blogged. Don’t get me wrong…I love reading everyone else’s blogs: seeing what everyone else is doing inspires me with ideas, encourages me to keep up my crafting, and helps me to learn new techniques. But over-surfing is a sure sign that I am not getting anything done on my own blog.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’ve given up the ghost on this blog, nor that I have given up my goal. Quite the opposite! Remember, I’ve still got all those crafty supplies that need to be whittled down by the end of the year.

And, so, here are the mid-year resolutions: to blog everyday. To post even just a small project everyday. And to keep up with my fav bloggers everyday.

To that end, here is a small project to get in the groove: paper beads. I have seen these used in many projects lately, and have been inspired to make them. This will be an awesome way to get rid of a lot of the paper I have sitting around.







What I’d like to do is this: if you would like some paper beads, let me know. If it is not too cost prohibitive, I will ship them to you. Then, you can make them into something, and post your creation on your blog. Hopefully that will help keep all of us inspired!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Year Resolutions

  1. Welcome back! I have had similar issues with blogging myself. I have ended up making myself a schedule – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. It just made it more attainable somehow!
    I love the idea of your paper beads. I think I need to get my chicks onto making them – they would love it and the products would make great gifts for their friends. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for the encouragement on the blog. A schedule is best, so I am sticking to it.

      The paper beads are perfect for the chicks. Plus, you can make different shaped beads with paper cut in triangles or other shapes. And, you can immediately make a simple necklace or bracelet. I’m thinking about making some coasters and mod podging them. Will keep you posted.

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