A Robot, Scary Style

When my son’s godfather, Uncle B, visited from Denmark, my son got him all involved in a special crafty project. Now, one thing you need to know about Uncle B: he is a visual artist by training and a blacksmith by trade.

Knowing that he works with metal, my son wanted to get him involved with a metal project. Now, we don’t have a forge or any special metal working tools. But, we do have tin foil! And, we have what seem like a million empty boxes floating around that serve as toy boxes one day and as crafty projects the next.

Uncle B loves Halloween and costumes, and so does my son. So, they settled on a plan. How about a scary robot?


Uncle B and my son got the face just right while Uncle B visited…Check out the straws on top! All pink–my son’s favorite color right now.

063 (4)

But, to be a full costume, he needed a body. That was happily provided by an old diaper box. (So glad we’re done with diapers!)

061 (5)

Put them together, and you have one scary robot!

060 (3)

My son is now working hard at gluing buttons onto this scary guy so he’ll have knobs that will do super scary things.

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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