Paper Regatta

Last month, friends visited from Alaska and Denmark. On a pretty relaxing Sunday afternoon, we all met for dinner at a fav local restaurant. Before we left, since my son was already starting to get antsy, I knew we needed something for him to do.

069 (3)

Now, we always carry things to restaurants to keep him entertained, but with our friends visiting, I wanted something simple and different that maybe they could share in. And, I wanted to keep whittling away at all of the crafty supplies here.

One of the challenges of clearing out all of my crafty supplies is all of the little things. For instance, small pads of paper. What to do with all those little papers?

As I left the house, I grabbed one of the tablets. Not sure what we’d do with it, but knowing something would eventually come.

073 (4)

And, it did. Since both the Alaskans and Danes are seafaring people, and since we’d just returned from our vacation at Bethany Beach, Delaware, we were all thinking sea.

070 (3)

So, with three artists, one landfill manager, two dads, one crafty mom, and one creative kid, we settled on paper boats. But, amazingly, none of us could remember exactly how to fold a floating boat. So, they ended up being paper regatta hats–for mini-people.

071 (4)

They were fun. They helped keep my son occupied while we waited for dinner, and they gave all of us something to remember our day together.

075 (3)

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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