Hee Baa, Too (or 39 and Counting)

Hee Baa is an old friend. In fact, the oldest friend. Given to me as a baby for my first birthday by one of my aunts, he was the first stuffed animal that I became attached to.

029 (7)

I dragged him everywhere as a child, and whenever he got torn or hurt, my Grandma was available to patch him up.

He’s lived a long life. Right now, 39 years and counting.

I don’t know if it’s his age, or what, but my son is fascinated by Hee Baa. I want Hee Baa to live another 39 years, so I haven’t been so quick to let my son play with him. And yet, I want my son to know the joy of this wonderful stuffed animal.

My thought? We need another Hee Baa. Not an exact replica, but a stuffed animal that will be enough like Hee Baa that he can replace my son’s interest in the real McCoy, and yet enough unique that it will be my son’s own toy. So, a few weeks ago, I began cutting the pieces for another Hee Baa.

050 (6)

Tonight, I began sewing these pieces together. Pretty soon, he will be Hee Baa, Too.

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment. 

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