Rainy Day Activity

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When I was a kid, it rained almost every summer afternoon here in North Georgia. I have many vivid memories of hot, hot days punctuated by a late afternoon thunderstorm.

As a child, my cousins and I sat on the front porch and watched the storm brew. Clouds turned from white to black, and the air cooled to a tolerable mixture of searing hot and comfortably chilled. Once the thunder started, Grandma rushed us into the house and shooed us away from the windows and doors, but we liked to sit up by the screened door to the porch and feel the draft of cooled air rush into the little house.

It seemed like it rained all the time then–virtually everyday. The hot day lingered, the storm rolled in, and within a few flashes of lightning, it was gone.

As I have gotten older, those days almost completely disappeared–that is, at least, until this year. This year, more than any year I can remember since probably 1978, it has rained, rained, rained, rained.

Did I mention it’s rained? It’s rained so much that I’m beginning to feel like I live in Portland. Now. I don’t want you to think I’m complaining, because I am not. We have been in a drought for many years now, and we desperately need the rain. But, it is such an oddity. There is no doubt my memory of 2013 will be the rain.

Inspired by this rain, I thought it might be fun to make a weather-related playmat for my son. The idea is this: make some simple weather symbols, and put velcro on the back. Make a small quilted land and sky design quilt and put velcro on it in different places. Set them up like the backdrop in a news show, and my son could use them to pretend he is a “meat-ee-og-oh-list.”

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

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