Keeping It Simple with Mod Podge

A few months ago, I described my plan to make an egg carton into a jewelry box. Originally I imagined covering the carton in fabric, gluing construction paper to it, or maybe dressing it with pictures cut from a magazine.

And, then I discovered Mod Podge. Now, I know it’s hard to believe, but I’d never heard of Mod Podge, and I’d never used it before. My husband, who is an Eagle Scout, couldn’t believe it. As a Scout, he’d relied on Mod Podge to work toward his soap box derby merit badge.20130712-203245.jpg
Thanks to Amy Andersonwho writes about Mod Podge crafts on her blog, now I know all about this wonderful stuff! It is one of the few things I have actually bought this year at the craft store. (Glue sticks and index cards were the other things–refilling necessary supplies!)

To test out the Mod Podge, I decoupaged tissue paper from my crafty stash to the top and bottom of the egg carton. Within a few minutes of crafting and a few hours of drying, I had a sturdy jewelry box for traveling. Simple as that!
All photos and content (c) 2013, craftinlightenment.


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