iPoding on a Pretty Daze

Music has always touched me. My dad’s mother was always amazed that even at age 4 I knew all the words to all the songs on the radio.

In high school and college, I wasn’t into sports; even though I was a total nerd, I wasn’t really into academics either. But, I was into music. My friends and I saw everyone from the B-52’s to White Zombie.

While in law school, I used music to help me prepare for oral arguments. As you go into a competition, you have to be completely primed for every possible question. After I’d practiced and practiced, I’d sing along to favorite songs to clear my mind, help me focus, and boost my confidence.

Today, music still helps me relax. Like exercise for runners, it clears my head. And, like a meditation, it reduces and eliminates stress.


This summer, Kurt Vile’s “Waking on a Pretty Daze” has inspired me. Taking an idea from a little bird made me, who created a neat iPod pillowcase back in the winter, I decided to make my own iPod suite to give me a chance to laze around and listen to music.


A little pillowcase with a pocket for the iPod, an earbud/headphone wrap to keep up with the cord, and a little bean bag for the iPod to sit on when I’m watching a video.


Inspired by Kurt Vile’s new album, I went psychedelic with the fabric. So dazey, dazey, dazey.

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.

One thought on “iPoding on a Pretty Daze

  1. Oh wow!! Here I was all ready to say that this was a great idea….. and then I saw that you were inspired by me! Thank you! I am so impressed with the additional pieces you made that I will have to think about making some myself!
    I love the fabric!
    Also – I knew there was a reason we liked each other. I am also a music fan who used music to study and focus while going through law school…..

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