A Fair Job

A couple of weeks ago, y’all saw me hard at work on my pepper jellies and fig preserves. Well, the hard work paid off.

When I picked up my preserves and jellies, I was stunned and amazed to find I’d received an Honorable Mention, a Fifth Place, and two Second Place honors.


Those awards alone are exciting in their own right. So, when I saw that I’d received an award for my Hobnobbin’ Gold Pepper Jelly, I was overwhelmed!

You could have bowled me over when I saw a blue First Place ribbon attached to that little jar!


What a hoot and an honor to be able to tell my friends they are eating award-winning jelly! Bet they never would have guessed it!

All photos and content ©2013, craftinlightenment.

5 thoughts on “A Fair Job

  1. Well done!!!!
    You asked on Instagram for the recipe for the jam I was making (not award winning but delicious nonetheless!) so here is the link to the recipe that I used! http://hungryhungryhippies.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/homemade-best-strawberry-jam-ever/ (I of course tweaked and used vanilla bean paste rather than a fresh pod and red apples as I didn’t have green, and added the juice and zest from half a lemon, but the principle was the same!)

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