We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

My good friend who likes to knit at birthday parties suggested we get together. Just the four of us. Two sisters, two sets of friends, two new friends. One sister binding us all together to catalyze new friendships between us all.

All moms. All crafters. All with talents to share.

And, so, we came together this weekend for what proved a wonderfully good time–and will soon be a regular affair–at Mommy Craft Day.

The idea was simple. The four of us would come together to share our lives and our crafts. We would see what others were working on, and maybe conquer a new skill–or two.

This week, we conquered knitting and canning!

My good knitting friend was able to teach the two of us who are new friends to each other how to knit. I am still working on my washcloth, and having a great time!


And, I shared a favorite okra pickle recipe with everyone. It’s a cinch to make!


We communed over big, heaping bowls of chili, and commiserated over cupcakes. We had a great crafting time. Can’t wait ’til November, when we’ll be doing holiday crafts!

All photos and content ©2013, craftinlightenment.

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