100 percent … !


Never fear! This will NOT be a washcloth. If it were a washcloth, it would pill. Can’t you see that shiny yarn?  (Well, maybe you can’t with my crazy at-night photographs! Boy, I need to take one of Zack Arias’s photo classes!)

Anyway, anyone else remember that Meryn Cadell song? The one about the sweater?

As I work on this new knitting piece, which is based on the washcloth pattern my knitting friend taught me this week–which, by the way, she learned from the awesome kiss me awake blog–this song has tumbled through my mind again and again. Lost long ago, it’s back.

This, on the other hand, will be a washcloth. It will not pill as badly. Can’t you see that great non-pilly yarn?


Yep, well, you and I have a secret now, and you can go blab it all around town if you want…The label on those blue placemats will say 100 percent acrylic!


But, they will be all handmade!

All photos and content ©2013, craftinlightenment.

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