A Knitting Machine

My son is, anyway.

That’s because last week when he saw me learning to knit, he wanted to learn, too. But, it seemed knitting might be beyond his developmental skills at this tender age.

Thankfully, I remembered that stuffed away in that crafty area was a little Singer knitting machine that I bought about six or seven years ago. Barely ever used. 20131006-214040.jpg
Perfect for a little boy, I thought, as I pulled it out of its resting place, an inevitable yard sale item otherwise. He’ll be able to knit and enjoy something he made himself without being frustrated (and then turned off) by the difficulty of knitting, I figured.

Even though the machine didn’t work for me–it never really satiated my aching desire to learn how to really knit–it is a hit with him. He is feverishly working on his first scarf.

And now, I see the brilliance of this little machine. It’s not meant for adults who just can’t get the hang of knitting. No doubt some clever mom or dad at Singer created this little gem thinking of her or his own kids.

Because, as you can see, my son is now a knitting machine!


2 thoughts on “A Knitting Machine

    • It’s so fun, too, because it has a sweet little clickety-clack sound that pops along as you work. My son loves it! It was reasonably priced, too, only $15 U.S., if I recall correctly. Comes with instructions, project book, knitting needles, yarn, and a knitting sewing needle.

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