Dry T-Shirt Contest

Actually, there’s no contest. But, I couldn’t think of a good tag line for tonight’s post, which is all about this t-shirt reuse.


It starts with my getting rid of things. Don’t know if I’ve told y’all, but right now, I am in a get-rid-of-stuff-mood. In fact, I am trying to rid my life of all excess possessions over the next year.

This getting-rid-of-stuff-thing got me going through old clothes. Like a lot of folks, I have gazillions of old t-shirts that I never wear. Some are new and some are blue. Some are yellow and some look mellow. Some are pink and some make you think. Well, you get the picture.

I thought of yard sale-ing them. But who’s really going to buy a bunch of rag tag shirts? I thought of donating them to charity, but who’s going to want to wear a bunch of rag tag shirts?

So, then, I thought of my son’s new mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. Sounds familiar, huh?

At Mommy Craft Day, the sister was hard at work on a crochet bowl. That got me thinking. What if I made those old shirts into bowls, or other things?

The idea was to build whatever like an old rag rug. I started by cutting one of those old t-shirts into strips.


Once cut into strips, I tied three rolled strips together and braided them.



As I got to the end of the braid, I tied on more strips, and continued braiding until I had a piece about 4 feet long.


Then, I sewed the pieces together and built them into a cup shape. Of course, I used my handy-dandy whipstitch since it’s so easy!


While I think this will work great as a pen holder, my son seems to think it will be a great house for pink blanky! Looks like I may have to start on another project for myself!

All photos and content © 2013, craftinlightenment.



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