Back in the Day

Well, one thing I can say about my new found craft of knitting: it definitely gets you focused. That’s why I haven’t blogged in a while–I’ve been knitting.

While I’m knitting, I’m thinking of other crafty projects, and will be back to sharing ideas with you again soon.

But, this week, I’ve taken a break even from knitting, and have taken my son to visit my mom, Grandmother. My mother is rather formal, so she wasn’t interested in any cutsie names like Nana, Mimi, Gigi, or Grammy. So, Grandmother she is.

Grandmother is also, formality in her blood, an incredibly hospitable person who believes in showing her gratitude. When we arrived, Grandmother had our bedroom set up with some things I’d made her back in the day.

This quilt, which I hand stitched (yep, the whole thing) for her in 1997. 20131116-173106.jpg

And this teddy bear, which I hand sewed in 2003 when I was in law school.

20131116-173422.jpgIt’s based on a pattern from World War II, that’s featured in a teddy bear making book I have at home. When I saw the bear, I’d forgotten I’d made it. I looked at it and thought, “That looks like something I’d make.” Sure enough, it was. No doubt I’d thought it would look good with the mixture of traditional and modern decor that graces her house right in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

It was a surprise to see these old crafts. They’ve made my son feel right at home. He’s already named the bear Teddy and snuggles in the quilt as we get ready for bed. Thanks, Grandmother! We’re so pleased you have loved these crafty gifts!

All photos and content, copyright 2013, craftinlightenment.


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