O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Since my son was born, I’ve wanted to make him a special Advent calendar that he could have for years. For some reason, it never gelled.

Until today.

First, it occurred to me that Advent started today, and we still didn’t have the special calendar. So, I started digging through my fabrics and scraps. My first discovery was this old tablecloth.
20131202-002107.jpgThen, I found this hole-y shirt that I’ve had trouble throwing away.20131202-002235.jpgThe next discovery was a fav kids-quilt fabric and some napkins I inherited from my grandmother that have been used until I am afraid they will disappear.20131202-002435.jpg
Then, I started cutting. As I cut, he played with the fabric blocks until he got the design he wanted: a Christmas tree.

Within a few hours, between nursing him as he fights a cold and doing household chores, the special calendar finally became a reality.

It’s made of a series of fabric pockets. I machine-stitched the pockets, and then hand-stitched them onto the tablecloth. Then, I stitched the tablecloth together. I specifically left the numbers off because some years, Advent begins in November and lasts more than 24 days.


Each night, we will see what’s in the next pocket, read an Advent story, sing a carol, and light the Advent wreath. Here’s tonight’s pocket.20131202-003332.jpgThe last touch will be a star, made from an old t-shirt, that we will Velcro on Christmas Eve.

All photos and content copyright 2013, craftinlightenment.


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