La Table and the All-Stars

During the last two months, I’ve had two opportunities to put my crafty skills to good use.

The first time was at La Table. That’s “lah tahb-luh.” It’s French for those of you, like me, who speak Southern. La Table is an annual event to support the Interfaith Hospitality Network, which is an Athens organization that provides temporary housing for families without homes.

La Table is a fancy plated luncheon where different folks sponsor tables that they decorate. My church, Young Harris Memorial United Methodist Church, sponsored the table, and I was honored to be able to decorate it. I went with an Arabian Nights theme. Here’s what it looked like: 20140331-203030.jpg

The table centerpiece was an Arabian city made of a rolled stamp on cardstock–Morrocan orange-brown on a teal blue. A cloth napkin with an Arabic motif served as a path to the city, with a tea light candle lighting the way. And, the night was evoked with these simple pillows that I edged with my fav firestitch.

Naturally, everything was built in fives, in honor of the five pillars of Islam. 20140331-203714.jpgThis was nothing fancy. Just simple. I’ve never been good at elaborate set-ups. But, at least it did the job.

The second time I got to use my crafty skills recently for good was to decorate tables at Georgia Option’s Annual Meeting. I am privileged to serve on the Board at Georgia Options, which is a group that helps developmentally disabled adults live independently. Their theme was Georgia Option’s All-Stars.

For each table, I created a “vase” from a plastic cup, and placed either three or five of these all-star flowers in it. 20140331-205718.jpgWe topped off the tables with sports themed Easter eggs, and sporty confetti.

What a joy to put all this craftiness to good use!


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